For my Colleagues

Happiness begins with a smile

Nothing works better for your practice growth than happy patients, and nothing improves your marketability more than a streamlined process. A quick ‘makeover’ is often seen as a concept many dental professionals tend to resist due to a perceived potential compromises to quality and longevity, particularly when it comes to severely deficient bone and the prospect of dental implants. But what if a quick makeover was in fact the treatment that offered the better aesthetics, quality and longevity as well as facilitating oral hygiene and improved overall success irrespective of the state of the bone, such as the case with All-On-4 Plus® and Zygoma Plus? Then the only obstacle is your ability to deliver!

All-On-4 Plus needs no introduction. The concept has revolutionized delivery of full arch implant restorations and has gained tremendous popularity among dentists and specialists alike. It focuses on achieving predictable results with optimal function and aesthetics, whilst at the same time addressing patients’ common desire for an uncomplicated treatment process.

When it comes to highly compromised situations our restorative needs do not change just because the presentation is more complex. The new Zygoma Plus concept ensures that the same parameters are met irrespective of the state of the bone.

We have long passed the development phase of implant therapy where restoring function and ensuring implant ‘survival’ were central. In todays society, these criteria alone are no longer acceptable. Function, aesthetics and long-term oral health parameters must all go hand in hand as implant ‘Survival’ is not necessarily synonymous with Implant ‘Success’, just as a cosmetic procedure is not necessarily an aesthetic one. We know the implants will survive, we now need to make them successful by today’s standards and for today’s patients in the era of ‘high aesthetic expectations’ and a need for “instant gratification”. Fact is, our patients don’t want “implants” per se. What they want is a beautiful smile, and to be able to function with confidence.