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Jun 21
Outside The Square Series - Part One
In surgery, we often encounter situations that are not quite normal or expected, and which require adjustments (not excuses) in order to control the outcome. The adjustments can happen before...
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May 6
A Technique Combining Straumann Zygomatic and BLX Implants for full arch rehabilitation PART 1
In such patients, early planning and treatment, which may include Zygomatic implants, before they face full edentulism can be highly advantageous not only through halting the progression of odontogenic diseases...
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Dec 8
New Methods for Preservation of Bone in Full Arch Implant Cases
Regeneration and preservation of jawbone has been an area of great interest for as long as dental implants have been around. Many techniques have been described in the literature including...
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Aug 12
Do Dental Implants Help Preserve Jawbone?
The preservation of jawbone en mass is highly contingent on maintaining good implant health, which is facilitated by positioning of the fixtures in a manner that facilitates hygiene as well...
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Sea to Summit 2022 The areas of Implant-based Oral Rehabilitation and Facial Aesthetics have been evolving simultaneously around the world. The concern is whether we can keep up with the pace of evolution in...
  • Date: June 28, 2022
  • Location: Mykonos
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Apr 28
Removal of Teeth, Bone Atrophy & Preservation (or Loss) of Bone with Dental Implants
Removal of teeth is something that is very difficult for us as dentists to recommend, and we battle with this every day. When the outlook for the teeth is not...
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Apr 24
Definitive Solutions for Our Patients
I was honored to present back-to-back at NYU Linhart College of Dentistry, New York, followed by the 4th Evidence Based Symposium on Oral Rehabilitation, Beijing. My presentation was about simplifying...
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Jun 12
All-On-4 Digital Workflow Possibilities with milled PMMA
There have been suggestions, and often a “push”, by technicians to streamline their production process with All-On-4 and full arch implant restorations by integrating a digital work flow and using...
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